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CV in my inbox – Store your CV in your Email Inbox


A Quick CV Tip

Ever spotted a job and wanted or need to apply for immediately?

Realised you have your CV is at home, stored somewhere on your computer or USB, can’t remember where you’ve place the USB.

A simple yet extremely effective solution is to email your CV to yourself.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Email your CV to  your inbox.

Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. There are also cloud storage solutions which will come to later.

Ok, so,  why email it? and how? I guess are your next questions.

Emailing your CV to your own inbox allows you to have instant access to it anywhere. When you want to apply for that job instantly, just log in to your email account, find your CV and use the forward function to send it to any prospective employer. You can also download and then upload it to any job website.

How to Email CV to myself

This tip works for any email account out there.

Make sure you have your CV on your PC or USB and know where it’s located within the device.

  1.  Log in to your email.
  2. Type in your own email address where it says “To” e.g
  3. In the subject box type in “My CV”.
  4. Attach your CV to this email:
  5. Find an icon that looks like a paper clip
  6. Click on this Icon and navigate to find your CV
  7. Click open and this will attach your CV to your email.
  8. You can also attach a cover letter or type up the cover letter in the body of the email
  9. Click send.
  10. Flag the email in your inbox as important, this will make it easy to locate in the future.

What you have actually done is sent an email to yourself with your CV attached to it.

Now whenever you see an employer requesting you send your CV, just access your email forward.

Cloud solutions

You can and should also upload your CV to cloud storage services. All the major email providers  offer free solutions. Here are some:

With the ever increasing demand for mobile phones, job hunters need to be able to apply for jobs via their device. Bearing this in mind job websites are now being designed mobile friendly in mind. Not only do they incorporate social login but also offer options to attach CV via cloud.


In a nutshell. Email your CV to your inbox and save to a cloud service. Not only will it give you instant access to it but also save you time.

Good luck and happy job hunting.

I have too many jobs on my CV


Group similar jobs together on your CV

When writing a CV, it’s important to remember to try and keep it concise and too the point. A situation arises when you have had multiple jobs and your CV starts to become more of an essay.

The solution is to group similar jobs and work experience together. This is achieved by clearly defining the sections and sub sections within your document. It allows you to display your skills, duties and responsibilities once rather than repeating or copy and pasting under each job. The presentation of your CV layout is the key to illustrate your message to the employer.

Section, sub-section, grouping example below:

Work Experience

Sales Assistant

Aug 2011 – Nov 2011
June 2009 – Nov 2010


  • Eg. Ability to communicate information to staff; video conference, email, web-blogs and presentations.
  • 2nd description e.g Dealing with customer complaints
  • 3rd description e.g Liaising with suppliers

Call centre operative

Aug 2008 – Nov 2007
June 2007 – Nov 2010


  • Description of duties and responsibilities as a call centre operative
  • 2nd description relating to this job
  • 3rd description and so on


As you can see from the example, by grouping sections and sub-sections you can create a simple yet concise and informative CV for your job application. The variation of this method is used in a Functional CV and Skills CV where the main section is the Skills and the sub section or a separate section for  your previous employers.

Good Luck

CV Do’s and Don’ts

my cv

CV Tips and Tricks

We’ve put together some simple yet effective tips which will assist you in writing your CV. It’s amazing how we over complicate everything when trying to impress the recruiter. The key to a great CV is simplicity.

Keep it simple, easy to read and to the point. You will succeed.

CV – Do’s

  • Use a legible font.
  • Use an appropriate font size, 12pts
  • Use positive language, remember this is your ad marketing your skills and experience
  • List transferable skills from your life, past activities and experience which could give you the edge over  the competition
  • Write an industry specific and job targeted CV including a personal statement explaining what you offer. Yes, you can have more than one CV, as many as you want.
  • Spell check and then check again, twice, thrice, incorrect spelling and grammar are knockout factors.
  • Include links to your online profiles and portfolios; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and other social media. Employers are researching candidates online before hiring. Your digital footprint is becoming an increasingly important in the sifting process.
  • Presentation in key. Keep it simple. Tables, graphs, charts and images take time to create and can confuse the reader rather than impress them. Remember Solomon Akhtar’s business plan (pics of boats) and Claudes reaction on The Apprentice. Google it.
  • Prioritise relevant information on the first page to gain the attention and impress the recruiter, don’t bury it. First impressions count.
  • Save the document in a format which the recruiter can open, preferably MS word.

CV – Don’t

  • Don’t include your date of birth (DOB)
  • Don’t include your National Insurance Number (NINO) or it’s equivalent
  • Don’t include your bank details
  • Don’t include your sexual orientation
  • Don’t include your marital status
  • Don’t include your photo
  • Don’t depend on just one generic CV
  • Don’t be negative

First Impressions – Not just any AD – Your CV is Your AD and Brand

The CV is an integral part of the online and offline recruitment process. It is first document along with the Cover Letter that the employer sees. It isn’t just any document.

Think of your CV as

  • The first impression you give to the recruiter
  • Your personal ad
  • Your CV is you branding and marketing you
  • Your CV is you


How would you spell the title of this article

  • Dos and donts
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Do’s and don’t’s
  • Donuts

Check out Grammer Girl’s article about her ideas on the subject

Good Luck and Happy New Year


2015 CV Trends

2015 cv trends

2015 CV Trends, whats in store for next year

We recently came across an interesting article about Top CV Trends of 2015

Two trends stood out.

  • Trend 3: Visual Engagement
  • Trend 4: Including external links to Videos/blogs


Visual Engagement

Visual Engagement which also described as a Visual CV has been around for a few years. It is increasing in popularity with new sites with their own set of unique tools and their own take on how to represent your personal data. These sites not only enable the user to create an eye catching CV from scratch but also allows the user to import their own linkedin profile, sections of the linkedin cv profile are then mapped to create various representations of the data, the data can be viewed in the form of tagclouds, charts, timelines or any custom image you like.

The immediate benefits of a Visual CV are clear, it grabs the attention of the recruiter, it’s new and it’s different. With the advancement in technology, increased computer processing power, easy access to powerful mobile devices and internet, social media image sharing platforms, the possibilities are endless, 2015 could be the year when the visual CV really takes off.

There are a few factors that will determine the success of a the Visual CV

  • Major recruitment job boards within the current market need to embrace it by allowing it’s uploading like a traditional CV to apply for jobs online.
  • Having the ability to parse image data for job matching and email alerts, this isn’t easy.

Our advice, have both, give it a go but don’t delete your classic CV.

Including external links to Videos/blogs

This is a must do, employers are already conducting background checks by researching candidates on social media and the internet. Your digital footprint matters. To give a positive representation of yourself there is no harm in including external links to your videos, blogs and online portfolios you may have created. Make it easier for the employer to research you.

[pareto] sums it up well

A strong CV with additional creative and modern  features is just one way to get yourself noticed, but otherwise don’t forget to utilise your contacts, network and gain experience.

With a little positivity, determination and persistence, you could easily find yourself working in your dream job in 2015.

Good luck guys

The Perfect CV

Perfect CV

The Perfect CV – The Perfect Curriculum Vitae

The perfect CV is the CV that gets you the job. No matter what anyone says or how good you think your CV is, if employers aren’t responding, then the penny should drop, it’s time to create a new CV.

Targeted CV – First impressions count

You can have and should have more than one CV, a common misconception is that one size CV fits all, it doesn’t. Targeting your CV to the sector or job you are applying for will increase your chances of landing the position. Industry and job specific personal statements, key achievements and skills at the beginning of your CV are attention grabbing and more likely to impress the reader. The top half of the first page of your CV is the first thing the recruiter will read, make sure it contains relevant information. General copied and pasted statements from the internet aren’t the solution.

CV Ad – Market yourself

Your CV is your advertisement marketing you to potential employers as the perfect candidate to fill their vacancy. If the marketing is right then you will be hired. First Impressions count. An employer, on average will spend 30 seconds reading a CV, they should be able to browse through it and pick out the specific information they are looking for; how you meet the job spec and match the criteria they have set out. It should be an effortless read

CV parts or sections

A CV can have a number of sections which can be arranged and re-arranged in any order you like. It is important to remember that the layout should be logical and it should flow (easy to read). Each section should be distinguishable, this can done by enlarging the font size, underlining and bolding the section header text.
The CV section headings can be worded how you want, just make sure you keep them professional.

Here are some headings, you can add more, take some out, rearrange and reword them

  • Personal Profile
  • Objective
  • Key achievements
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Training
  • Education
  • Languages
  • Additional Information
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • References

Repeat or not to repeat, duplication of information

You may have worked at three different retail employers as a customer service agent doing the same job.

Do you write all three jobs separately listing the same duties under each job, copy and pasting the same information over and over again?


Do you list all three jobs and then write the duties underneath just the once?

Our advice is to start by listing all three jobs and then write the duties underneath, no need to repeat or copy and paste the duties. If your layout is correct, the employer will understand that you have done the same duties with all three previous employers.

How long should a CV be?

Keeping in mind

  • Recruiters spend 30 seconds reading a CV
  • Don’t bore the employer with repeated information

One or two pages is enough, anything more is pushing it.

Types of CV

Here is a list of the most common types of CV

  • Chronological
  • Functional – also known as Skills CV
  • Student or Graduate
  • Creative or Visual
  • The Perfect CV – Any of the above or a combination of them – The one that gets you the job

Chronological CV

The Chronological CV is the most widely used and recognised CV. It highlights your career, work experience and education in date order. You start with your most current job role working backwards to your first qualification.

You can create a Chronological CV using Jobsball CV builder tool. It allows you to view, edit and download in MS word, PDF and HTML

You can also view a Chronological CV example and download editable templates here

Functional CV or Skills CV

Not as popular as the above but a Functional Skills CV can be extremely effective. It can be used if you have lots of gaps in your work history or a number of previous similar job roles. As a Skills CV the emphasis is on promoting your skills. The skills can be grouped together as sections and sub-sections.

You can create a Functional CV using Jobsball CV builder tool. It allows you to view, edit and download in MS word, PDF and HTML

You can view a Functional CV – Skills CV example and download editable templates here

Student CV or Graduate CV

Any of the above or a combination of both with and emphasis on promoting your education and skills gained during your studies.

You can use Jobsball CV builder tool. It allows you to view, edit and download in MS word, PDF and HTML

You can view CV information and download editable templates here

Creative CV or Visual CV

A graphically eye catching CV to show off your creative skills. Any basic CV can be turned into a visual CV by representing the data in an eye catching format. This is done by including backgrounds, images, graphs, charts and timelines.

Try out the Jobsball wordclould tool to create a visual representation of buzz words which describe your skills, experience and education. Not only can you download the image and add it to your CV, you can also share it on social media sites such as Pintrest, Twitter and Facebook.

Jobsball Top Tip for Cover Letter and CV

Use MS word or any other document software that can save your cover letter or cv in .doc or .docx format

Why Microsoft word?

It’s simple, MSword is the most widely used document creation software application across the world. Employers will always be able to open your MSword .doc or .docx cover letter or cv document. OpenOffice free software will open MSword created documents. If it can’t be opened, it can’t be read, if it can’t be read then you won’t hired. Increase your chances of a      successful application by using a Microsoft word compatible software application.


In a nutshell, the perfect CV is the one that gets you hired. It should be targeted, have a logical flowing layout and it can be a combination of any types of the classical CV. Its content is only as good as what you write in it.

Good luck with creating your CV

CV and Cover Letter – Tips and Tricks


CV and Cover Letter Tips and Tricks

Check out our free to use CV and Cover letter creation tools, downloadable and editable templates to get you started. We haven’t done the usual and provided you with simple pre-filled generic statements, instead we’ve created layouts with useful information describing what each section of the CV and Cover Letter should include.

You can find

Good luck creating you new CV and Cover Letter.

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