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Christmas Jobs

Finding A Job For Christmas

Every year, the Christmas season seems to come a little earlier. What with an increasing number of store owners starting to stock the shelves with festive goodies from as early as September and many TV ads dropping hints about what might be in Santa’s sleigh. All this is as a result of the commercial fortunes promised by the season, which makes it ideal for job hunters, who may be seeking temporary jobs for Christmas.

There is a significantly higher amount of money in circulation during the festive season, resulting from Christmas bonuses, overtime and an overall generous attitude among people who are in gift giving mode. The resulting influx of business creates greater job opportunities over Christmas. But knowing when to start looking and where to look is critical, whether you’re a student looking for a work experience opportunity over Christmas or a nine-to-fiver seeking part time Christmas jobs. Consider the following tips:

  • Start early: The beginning of Fall is an ideal time to start seeking Christmas jobs. Even though most stores probably won’t start hiring extra staff until October / November, you would have put your name at the top of the list to be called for an interview. Remember, Christmas is all about rushing so many employers don’t have time to peruse every resume that comes in front of them, so they may just grab the first batch they get their hands on and forget about the rest.
  • Know where to look: There are several avenues where you can find jobs to apply for in your search. To begin with, you can pay attention to shop windows for ads while you go about your daily commute or you can check company websites for jobs you might be interested in. Additionally, you can check job boards for new job listings or visit recruitment agencies, which are often in need of applicants at this time of the year.

Christmas is said to be a time of giving. What better gift to give yourself than a job at Christmas?

How to utilise social media in your job search

If you have been relying on Google during your job search and have subsequently struggled to achieve any success, now is the time to try an alternative.

Social media has fast become a part of our everyday lives, which employers, job seekers and recruiters are also making full use of during the recruitment process.

Take a look at the guide below to find out how you should be using social media in order to help you land the job of your dreams.

Social Media Guide

#1 Show yourself off

Almost all employers look at Facebook and Twitter profiles before deciding on whether to interview or hire a candidate. It is important to show your personality and interests on the platforms, while also demonstrating your experience and knowledge. However, finding the right balance is crucial.

While you may love heading out on the town every week, this is something that employers don’t need to see. Think about what posts you would be happy to share with them and edit your privacy settings to prevent potential employers from viewing anything that could deter them from offering you a job or interview.

#2 Take social on the go

Make sure you download apps for the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and set up push notifications. This simple step will allow you to remain aware of any updates or messages from employers that you like or follow, and to keep you in the know of any new positions that become available.

Alternatively, use Tweetdeck so that you are alerted whenever a certain hashtag is used, for example #jobsearch.

#3 Make your personal brand unique

Turning your job search into your own personal brand can help to make your application stand out from the competition.

Begin by inventing a slogan. Think about those used by the likes of Nike and Gillette which get straight to the point and clearly explain what the brand is all about. Yours should be around 5 or 6 words, and work to sum up why you are an ideal candidate. Begin by conjuring up descriptive words that best describe you. Avoid cliché words or phrases such as those highlighted in the guide above. Once you are happy with the slogan, add it to your bio sections on each social platform.

#4 Become a professional for your passions

Blogging has become popular over the past few years, so much so that many employers find candidates with their own blogs far more appealing.

A blog can help you to demonstrate your great passion for your chosen industry, while providing you with something to discuss during interviews as well as a platform to showcases your expertise. The more time you invest in your blog, the more effective it will be. It is recommended that you update your blog at least once a week, with all new posts promoted via links on social platforms.

#5 Last but not least – be patient and don’t lose hope

Incorporating social media into your job search is an extremely effective tool to use during the process, but utilising these platforms to the best of their abilities takes time and effort. While it won’t happen overnight, using social media can help you to build relationships with employers and potential work peers that could last a lifetime.

Author Bio

Rachel Campbell is a content writer for BCL Legal, recruiters specialising in pairing legal candidates with ideal employers, be it in-house or as part of a law firm.