Christmas Jobs

Finding A Job For Christmas

Every year, the Christmas season seems to come a little earlier. What with an increasing number of store owners starting to stock the shelves with festive goodies from as early as September and many TV ads dropping hints about what might be in Santa’s sleigh. All this is as a result of the commercial fortunes promised by the season, which makes it ideal for job hunters, who may be seeking temporary jobs for Christmas.

There is a significantly higher amount of money in circulation during the festive season, resulting from Christmas bonuses, overtime and an overall generous attitude among people who are in gift giving mode. The resulting influx of business creates greater job opportunities over Christmas. But knowing when to start looking and where to look is critical, whether you’re a student looking for a work experience opportunity over Christmas or a nine-to-fiver seeking part time Christmas jobs. Consider the following tips:

  • Start early: The beginning of Fall is an ideal time to start seeking Christmas jobs. Even though most stores probably won’t start hiring extra staff until October / November, you would have put your name at the top of the list to be called for an interview. Remember, Christmas is all about rushing so many employers don’t have time to peruse every resume that comes in front of them, so they may just grab the first batch they get their hands on and forget about the rest.
  • Know where to look: There are several avenues where you can find jobs to apply for in your search. To begin with, you can pay attention to shop windows for ads while you go about your daily commute or you can check company websites for jobs you might be interested in. Additionally, you can check job boards for new job listings or visit recruitment agencies, which are often in need of applicants at this time of the year.

Christmas is said to be a time of giving. What better gift to give yourself than a job at Christmas?