Social Media Advice for Job Seekers


Social Media is part of Social life

There is no denying that the ever increasing ease of access to the internet has led to social media becoming a greater part of our social life. Jobseekers need to be careful using social media when applying for jobs to secure employment. Jobseekers need to be wary about their digital footprint; the trail they leave behind on the internet.

Does my online activity help or hinder my employment prospects?

This is an extremely important question which you and every jobseeker in the current job market needs to consider. Recruitment trends indicate that employers are increasingly researching job applicants on social media before making the decision to employ them.

What does your online digital activity say about you? You need to consider whether it is portraying you as a desirable candidate, are you displaying a positive or negative image of yourself on the internet?

As a jobseeker, it is your responsibility to make sure what you leave public for others to view on your online social media accounts such as Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook to name a few.

Use Social Media to create a positive impression to land the job

Social media can help you land a job because it gives a recruiter an insight into your

• Personality
• Interests
• Communication skills
• Creativity
• Qualifications

You should engage with people and companies online using social media. This will create a positive impression on any potential employer. There is no harm as long as you remain professional.

Here are some social media tips:

• Don’t use inappropriate language , status updates and pictures
• Don’t create unprofessional user account names (screen names)
• Don’t lie
• Set public and private settings on your accounts
• Remain professional
• Treat online users he same as you would like to be treated

Social media is an extension of your social life. Respect online users as you would if you were to meet them offline. Keep in mind, when you post something online who else might see it. You never know, a professional, polite and engaging online presence may make all the difference!

Good Luck with your job applications.

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