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Cover Letter, CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Resume Made Easy

CV or Resume? The majority of employers that advertise a vacancy will ask for a Cover Letter and CV or Resume. A CV and Resume are the same thing.
A Cover Letter is your introduction to the employer letting them know why you are the person for the job.

It generally consist of 3 parts:

1.) Why you are writing the letter

2.) Why you are the person for the job

3.) Ending statement

Your CV is your advert to the employer. It should sell you by promoting your skills and experience

There are 4 types of CV.

Chronological CV. Also known as a Performance CV This is the most popular CV and all employers are familiar with it.

Functional CV and Skills CV.

This format is not as popular as the above and some employers may not be aware of it. It should be used if you have lots of gaps in your work history or a number of similar jobs in the past. As a Skills CV it is used to highlight your skills and experience in relation to the job you are applying for.

Student / Graduate CV. Any of the above with emphasis placed on academic experience.

Alternative CV. You would use a grapically eye catching CV to show off your creative skills if the job you're applying for required those skills.
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